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2012 People's Choice Awards | Rules and Restrictions
Voting Process

Voting begins on December 11, 2012 and ends January 22, 2013 for the 2012 People's Choice Awards. Anyone can vote in the awards; however, you must have your cookies enabled for the survey tool to work properly. To vote, voters simply:

(1) select an organization from the list of nominees in each category or
(2) ues the write-in option provided in each category

If using the write-in option please note: a group must be registered with the Jersey Arts Marketers (JAM), a network of hundreds of New Jersey-based nonprofit cultural organizations, in order to be eligible. Organizations must receive a minimum of fifty (50) write-ins to be eligible in their categories. Groups must also fit the general description of the category listed in order to be considered eligible (i.e. theater company would not be eligible in the museum category). For a complete list of eligible organizations visit our online arts directory.

Organizations listed were nominated by their peers through an anonymous online ballot. All organizations registered with the Jersey Arts Marketers were provided one ballot and were restricted from voting for their own group in any category. Those listed received the most nominations in each category and are listed in order, starting with the group receiving the highest number of nominations near the top. The number of votes required for an organization to be nominated varied for each category, as does the number or organizations nominated in each category (ranging from three to eight). The nomination process was held from November 7-29, 2012.

While it is not required to vote in every category, ballots are not considered valid until submitted at the end of the process. If a voter does not wish to vote in a certain category he/she can simply skip it and move on to the next page. Ballots are restricted to one per person and each ballot may only cast one vote in each category. Restrictions are based on the use of IP based duplicate respondent protection. All ballots must be cast via the 2012 People's Choice Awards online ballot by midnight, January 22, 2013 (EST) in order to be eligible.

Winners will be announced on on or about February 1, 2013.
Past Winners Online Store Contest
Five winners will be selected at random from all valid entries on or about January 25, 2013. Each will be notified via email and given five business days to reply in order to redeem his/her prize consisting of any single item from the Online Store.

In the event a winner does not redeem their prize within five business days, he/she agrees to forfeit any and all rights to their prize. A business day is defined as 9am-6pm Monday through Friday except for federal or state holidays. There will be no other prizes offered through this contest. All prizes are nontransferable. These will be the only prizes awarded through this contest.

Employees, board members, relatives or members of the immediate households of the ArtPride New Jersey Foundation, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, any of the partner organizations of the Discover Jersey Arts program, or any of the nominated arts organizations listed are not eligible to win.

Winners agree to grant the Discover Jersey Arts program - a cosponsored project of the ArtPride New Jersey Foundation and New Jersey State Council on the Arts - the right to post his/her name and hometown on All winners will be posted on the site in early February 2013. In all cases the decision of ArtPride New Jersey will be final.