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Jennie Traill Schaeffer
Newton, NJ

Artwork Details
Our Lady of Perpetual Perking
Oil on Linen
18" x 24"
Contemporary artist Jennie Traill Schaeffer grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania and holds a BFA in painting and art education from Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts (2000). While studying abroad in Florence, Italy she studied with painters Jerome Witkin, Gary Trento, and John Thompson. Schaeffer received the Hiram Gee Award, given each year to a graduating senior painting major. This spring she will relocate her studio to a storefront in downtown Newton from her home where she lives with her husband, Lee Goldberg, and dog, Ringo.

Of her work she explains "I first developed a love affair for oils in high school. Since then, the process of applying pigmented oil to a surface - pushing it, mixing it, turning it into the essence of something conveying meaning - became a playful, intellectual, and spiritual experience. Each painting begins with panel, linen, or canvas that is sized, sanded and primed. Next the surface is stained using an intense color and the composition is sketched in a blue colored pencil. Then my eyes and spirit take over, turning the process into a dance of applying thick, juicy layers of paint. What emerge from this experience are not abstractions, but realist paintings: vintage kitchen appliances, scrumptious trappings of weddings, modern Italian scenes. I am interested in re-contextualizing these subjects, conveying their iconic natures while displaying strong indications of their modernity. Everything I paint has an energy that I strive to bring to the surface through emphatic edges, vivid colors and heavily textured, gestural brush strokes."

Named Best New Artist in 2006 by the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council, Schaeffer has exhibited at APeX Gallery and Art at the Mill in New Jersey, and Wired Gallery in Bethlehem, PA, with work located in a growing number of private collections including Mountain Creek Ski Resort in Vernon, NJ.  She was included in the Visual Art Center of NJ's 21st International Juried Show and NYU's 30th Small Works at 80 East Washington Square Galleries in New York. Schaeffer works have earned her publication in the New York Times, the Village Voice and the Star Ledger, and selection as a “Gawker Artist”. She has received several awards, notably from Syracuse University, the Somerset Art Association, and the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council. In January 2008, Schaeffer was awarded the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Scholarship for a month-long residency at Peters Valley Craft Center.